Monday, November 17, 2008

Watz Up!!??

Heya peeps, this is my first blog, so go easy on me if it name's Ethica, (Well that's my pen name)....I like anime, penguins, Twilight, chocolate, and all that good stuff...I have some really good friends, Aly, Zac, Meli, and Jared, and their all really loyal peoples, so loyal I might mention their names more than once, so if you don't like their names then change them, just don't make fun of them!!
Ummm.....weeeeeeeeeeeell I don't have much more to write, i'll probably have more tommorow, SO VISIT AGAIN!!!!!!! OR ILL GET YOU, I WILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
............sorry..............too much chocolate................



Blogger Tunafish said...

So this is where your blog started... You've changed your writing style since you've started out. :) Though you didn't meantion when you first started cutting. Yeah, I know, I'm kinda rude. I'm SO REALLY REALLY SORRY for bugging you and stuff. Hey, now that I've read all of your posts, I kinda feel like I know you better. Strange huh? Well I hope that GOD blesses you and you stay strong in Him, worship Him forever, and that I'll get your phone number in Heaven. :P The latter didn't make very much sense. :)

April 14, 2009 at 8:56 AM  

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