Tuesday, November 18, 2008

♥Binkie & Charlie♥

This is Binkie and Charlie, my two beutiful guinea pigs. I love them so much!! (Or loved...they just HAD to die...) They are so cute! Charlie was ultra-sensitive to almost everything around him, and he was super-soft. Binkie was my tough little guy, and he loved to snuggle with me. Sometimez I called him Inkie-Boy for short...I don't know why the name waz just cute. They died the same way, from seizures, they were brothers. Petco is NOT a good place to buy guinea pigs!! They DIE on you!! Gosh I was so upset when they died, but it's ok now...I have my puppy, Sam. (Weeeeeell she's not a puppy anymore, but I call her a puppy anyway...) I LOVE YOU BINKIE AND CHARLIE!! R.I.P.........



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