Thursday, November 20, 2008

IcE SkAtInG!!

This was in 2005 when I was practicing for the ice show...i'm the one behind the girl with the purple jacket; I have a blue shirt on. Our outfit for the show was a green sparkly dress, it was REALLY itchy!!!! It had a velcro strap at the neck, and it gave me a velcro burn. B4 the ice show, I had to get my ice skates sharpened, and when I went to public skate, I tripped on my ice pic, and I fell and scrached up my hip real bad; it mostly healed B4 the show though...alllsooo for all you people that think you can do ANYTHING, ice skating is NOT as easy as it looks. You get used to it when you practice, but it's still really hard. I've been skating for 7 years now, and i'm still not all that great (mostly cuse I don't practice as much as I used to) but anywayz, it's really fun...just keep your balence and don't die...oh, and I remember once I went to public skate, and this guy who had never skated B4 accidentally tripped this one guy, and he fell too, making his face ram into the guys blade. His face was so bloody, and the guy was crying. He looked 40 or something like was kinda sad, it looked really painful...but i'm not trying to scare you into not ice's REALLY fun!! SO GO ICE SKATE!!!


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