Friday, November 21, 2008

mY cHrIsTmAs ClOtHiNg WiSh LiSt

I cAnT wAiT 4 ChRiStMaS!!!

These are the types of clothing I want for Christmas...I luv black, it's 1 of my fav colors...I also want a black Crucifix necklace, and black earrings to match...I want black eyeliner, black nail polish, and all that good stuff that my mom will probably never buy me! And have any of you ever realized that there are TONS of goth people in UK? (United Kingdom) Most of the Fall Out Boys are punk/emo/goth, and their from UK (I think...) But serously, LOTS are goth...I got these pictures at a UK website, and even if I wanted to buy them (AND I REEEEALLY DO!!) You have to pay with UK currency......that stinks big time, considering they know wat fashin is...also have you seen the clothing lines in Paris!? They are sooo wierd!! I watched a Paris runway show on TV last night, and I didn't see why everyone ENJOYED it! The clothes were terrible!! Honestly, who would wear that kind of stuff in public? But I did watch this other show on Paris, and thankfully no one dressed in those wierd clothes, they just wore regular clothes...but they added ALOT of accessories, and it looked really good...I wanna go to Paris sometime...I'm trying to teach myself French, and also a little bit of friend Jared is helping me with that.......HI JARED IF YOUR READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!


Blogger Mushroom said...

Hey!!!!!!! I'm readin' this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 22, 2008 at 10:59 AM  
Blogger Tunafish said...

I went to Paris one time... but only for a day lol I liked going around to see all the monuments and stuff. I could only go up to the second floor of the Effiel Tower because I didn't have enough euro to take the final elevator thing. :( Anyways, as a guy I didn't find much interest in the clothing and as a Christian was a bit offended by what some trash people were wearing but besides that it was great. I got to go by some country in France and it was beautiful! Though I probably prefer the Swiss Alps... Paris is good. :D

April 14, 2009 at 8:39 AM  

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