Saturday, November 29, 2008


another random.

can you name all 50 states?: YES
what is your favorite soup?: CHIKEN NOODLIE SOUP!!!
do you eat pizza cold?: YES
what color is your keyboard?: BLACK
are you eating/drinking anything right now?: NO
have you ever solved a rubixcube?: NO ITS HARD!!!!
have you ever watched the show i hate my 30's?: NO
do you drink bottled water?: NO
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: NO
how old were you when you had your first kiss?: I HAVENT HAD ONE YET!!!!
where did it take place?: I SAID I HAVENT HAD ONE YET!!!!
who was it with?: ARRRRGGG!!!!! I HAVENT HAD ONE YET!!!
what is your favorite genre of music?: POP TECHNO
are you a vegetarian?: NO
do you get headaches often?: NO
do you like celery?: NO
what is your favorite movie?: TWILIGHT
do you have an ipod?: NO
What do you normally order at mcdonalds?: NUGGETS
Do you find vampires sexy?: YES!!!!!
Do you sneeze loud?: NO
Would you rather draw or paint?: PAINT
Digital or Disposable camera?: DIGITAL
Whats your favorite game system?: NINTINDO 64
Do you like candy canes?: YES
Do you use a new towel everytime you shower?: YES
Do you work out daily?: NO
Have you ever had surgery?: YES

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