Thursday, December 18, 2008

Merry Christmas!!
Twas the night b4 Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse...well my guinea pigs were being really noisy...I need to change their water bottle...seriously though...they drink loudly!!!
Ummm anywayz...well...I really don't know the rest of the poem...but I think in the end santa comes...doesn't he get full? Seriously, that's ALOT of cookies to eat in one night!!! And what if someone poisened the cookies!?
What if santa is allergic to peanut butter cookies or something? Then what would he do? If he doesn't like your cookies he'll probably just feed them to his reindeer...I wonder if they take baths...
I could make a poem out of that...about reindeers taking baths...I wonder if they use baby shampoo...that would be good if they did, cuse what if shampoo got in their eyes, and they couldn't see where their going the whole ride?
Also another thing I wanna know, is when did santa meet his wife? Maybe like in high school or something...she has lots of wrinkles...she needs some lotion...I have smells like flowers...
Does santa know karate!? What if the grinch comes and trys to blow santa up!!?? He has to know some wicked moves to get the grinch...
Ummmm....weeeell this was wierd...just my personnel thoughts and questions about santa.......COOKIEEEES!!!!


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