Thursday, December 25, 2008

ROMEO WEARS EMO POOH BEAR UNDIES...hahaha that has nothing to do with this post

(Click on it so you can see it better...CLICK ON IT!!!!!!!!!!) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is a comic strip from Death Note...(AWSOME SHOW!!!) Omg on my About Me thing, you know how I said I love Matt? Ya, he's from Death Note...AND HE DIEED!!! When it happened I was like, "WHY THE @#*! DID THEY KILL MATT!!??"Omg, it was sad...He got pulled over and the police officers all shot him. Poor Matt. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY
Guess what!? I met a guy named Spencer (i think thats him name it better be) and he's cool. HES SO TALL!!!!!! Gosh he was like, Idk, 6, 7 feet, somethin like that. He was cool. Yep. He was. Oh ya you can bet on it. He's in college. And I threw him out the window. JOKING!!!!!! Sorry, just had to make sure your still with me...anywayz...ya I got chopsticks for Christmas!!! From now on, the only thing im gonna eat with is chopsticks!!!! OH YA BABY, THEN ILL BE READY TO GO TO JAPAN WITH JARED!!! (Hi Jared!!) Oh, and that Spencer kid? The one I waz talking about? He's in a band...I really wanna go see it...anywayz, ummmm.....COMMENT ME!!!! Tell me what you got for Christmas or something I DONT CARE just comment me!!! Jeez you guys are boring me our BIG TIME!!!!! hahahaha my guinea pig fell asleep on me today...SO PRECIOUS........................................ugh Im bored goodbye!!!!!!!


Blogger Tunafish said...

I got a blanky for Christmas!! Actually I don't remember... heh heh... :) Well you probably can't see this so... at least I DID comment :D

April 14, 2009 at 7:33 AM  

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