Saturday, November 29, 2008


another random.

can you name all 50 states?: YES
what is your favorite soup?: CHIKEN NOODLIE SOUP!!!
do you eat pizza cold?: YES
what color is your keyboard?: BLACK
are you eating/drinking anything right now?: NO
have you ever solved a rubixcube?: NO ITS HARD!!!!
have you ever watched the show i hate my 30's?: NO
do you drink bottled water?: NO
do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: NO
how old were you when you had your first kiss?: I HAVENT HAD ONE YET!!!!
where did it take place?: I SAID I HAVENT HAD ONE YET!!!!
who was it with?: ARRRRGGG!!!!! I HAVENT HAD ONE YET!!!
what is your favorite genre of music?: POP TECHNO
are you a vegetarian?: NO
do you get headaches often?: NO
do you like celery?: NO
what is your favorite movie?: TWILIGHT
do you have an ipod?: NO
What do you normally order at mcdonalds?: NUGGETS
Do you find vampires sexy?: YES!!!!!
Do you sneeze loud?: NO
Would you rather draw or paint?: PAINT
Digital or Disposable camera?: DIGITAL
Whats your favorite game system?: NINTINDO 64
Do you like candy canes?: YES
Do you use a new towel everytime you shower?: YES
Do you work out daily?: NO
Have you ever had surgery?: YES

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Wanna read my story?

Then go to my other blog. Go to my profile and click on my blog called 'I ♥ Writing' and enjoy!
P.S. It's really long....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

rEaDy 4 tHe NeXt BoOk!

Goodness im so exited! I'm going through the Twilight series so easily! Im already on the third book and it's only been 2 or 3 days!! It's so good, I just never want to stop reading. It's funny, I find myself mutitasking, cuse i'm reading the book while doing other things as well. Have any of you ever read a book while listening to your favorite song, while trying to watch Animal Planet, while trying to organize your room, while talking on the phone? Weeeeell it's REALLY hard!! (Seriously, try it...) Allllso, my friend Aly told me they've already made the second Twilight movie, which is REALLY fast...I don't know if I can belive that though, the first one just came out...if you have any news on that, comment me plz...btw i'd like to thank iMusicLover cuse she's following my blog, and reading every single post...which touches me really....IM CRYING OH NO IM CRYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............ummmm and my family are trying to clean our house up for Thanksgiving...I can't wait until our family comes over. ALLLLLLLLSOOOO (wow I think I say that alot...) did any of you hear that Cancer in declining in the USA? That rocks!! I've been kinda worrying about getting cancer lately, and I know that's stupid, but I often worry about stupid things...but hearing that made me feel alot better. Hey, and also I'm thinking about posting my first chapter of my vampire story on here, i've worked hard on it, and I think all of you might like it...well...i better go, I need to finish Eclipse in the Twilight series...also im hungry...........................CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Heeeeeeeey guyz...last Saturday, me and my friend Aly went to go see Twilight together...itsa REALLY good movie! Don't worry, I won't give anything away. It was SO good! It was a beautiful romance story, it was funny, and action packed...I really liked James, and I also liked Jacob. Edward was awsome too. It was funny, cuse right when the movie started, me and Aly suddenly remembered popcorn, and we had to run out and get it real quick. The popcorn guy took FOREVER!! He did like 2 or 3 things B4 getting our popcorn. Me and Aly were jumping up and down, TRYING to give him a clue we were missing the movie we paid 7 bucks for. Then when we got in, we watched about half the movie, then we got thirsty. We RAN as fast as we could, (and everyone was straing at us) and we got drinks. YES we were still bouncing, and the drink lady was looking at us weirdly, but I think she understood we were missing our movie, so she did it quickly. When we got back in the movie theature, Edward and Bella were making out (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!) and I started giggling, and then people strated staring at me, it waz kinda freaky..............anywayz...........I just thought i'd share that with you..........btw sorry I didn't post this weekend, I was grounded from the computer.........seeee ya!!!!!


Friday, November 21, 2008

mY cHrIsTmAs ClOtHiNg WiSh LiSt

I cAnT wAiT 4 ChRiStMaS!!!

These are the types of clothing I want for Christmas...I luv black, it's 1 of my fav colors...I also want a black Crucifix necklace, and black earrings to match...I want black eyeliner, black nail polish, and all that good stuff that my mom will probably never buy me! And have any of you ever realized that there are TONS of goth people in UK? (United Kingdom) Most of the Fall Out Boys are punk/emo/goth, and their from UK (I think...) But serously, LOTS are goth...I got these pictures at a UK website, and even if I wanted to buy them (AND I REEEEALLY DO!!) You have to pay with UK currency......that stinks big time, considering they know wat fashin is...also have you seen the clothing lines in Paris!? They are sooo wierd!! I watched a Paris runway show on TV last night, and I didn't see why everyone ENJOYED it! The clothes were terrible!! Honestly, who would wear that kind of stuff in public? But I did watch this other show on Paris, and thankfully no one dressed in those wierd clothes, they just wore regular clothes...but they added ALOT of accessories, and it looked really good...I wanna go to Paris sometime...I'm trying to teach myself French, and also a little bit of friend Jared is helping me with that.......HI JARED IF YOUR READING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

IcE SkAtInG!!

This was in 2005 when I was practicing for the ice show...i'm the one behind the girl with the purple jacket; I have a blue shirt on. Our outfit for the show was a green sparkly dress, it was REALLY itchy!!!! It had a velcro strap at the neck, and it gave me a velcro burn. B4 the ice show, I had to get my ice skates sharpened, and when I went to public skate, I tripped on my ice pic, and I fell and scrached up my hip real bad; it mostly healed B4 the show though...alllsooo for all you people that think you can do ANYTHING, ice skating is NOT as easy as it looks. You get used to it when you practice, but it's still really hard. I've been skating for 7 years now, and i'm still not all that great (mostly cuse I don't practice as much as I used to) but anywayz, it's really fun...just keep your balence and don't die...oh, and I remember once I went to public skate, and this guy who had never skated B4 accidentally tripped this one guy, and he fell too, making his face ram into the guys blade. His face was so bloody, and the guy was crying. He looked 40 or something like was kinda sad, it looked really painful...but i'm not trying to scare you into not ice's REALLY fun!! SO GO ICE SKATE!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This is our Christmas tree from last year!!! My gold fish is so old, that if it die's in December, I might make an ordament out of him!! (Poor guy...and poor tree, it'll stink reeeeal baaaad...) O my gosh I remember when Charlie and Binkie were still alive...I brought them downstaries once when my grandma waz babysitting me and my bro and sis, and we brought them down...Binkie tried 2 climb up the Christmas tree, and acidentally pulled an ordament down, and it freaked him out. He started running everywere and it took us awhile to catch him. (He was super fast when he wanted to be!!!) Binkie: YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME LOOOOOOOOOSSSSEEERRRSSS!!!!!! THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR NOT CLEANING MY CAGE!!!............then Charlie threw a fit, and Binkie bit Charlie...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

♥Binkie & Charlie♥

This is Binkie and Charlie, my two beutiful guinea pigs. I love them so much!! (Or loved...they just HAD to die...) They are so cute! Charlie was ultra-sensitive to almost everything around him, and he was super-soft. Binkie was my tough little guy, and he loved to snuggle with me. Sometimez I called him Inkie-Boy for short...I don't know why the name waz just cute. They died the same way, from seizures, they were brothers. Petco is NOT a good place to buy guinea pigs!! They DIE on you!! Gosh I was so upset when they died, but it's ok now...I have my puppy, Sam. (Weeeeeell she's not a puppy anymore, but I call her a puppy anyway...) I LOVE YOU BINKIE AND CHARLIE!! R.I.P.........



Does he look like a girl!? I went to Bible study last night, and accidentally brought my Death Note manga with me. The teachers started passing the book around asking eachother if it was a boy or girl. One of my teachers said, "Well, what a pretty haircut this girl's got..." I nearly fell over in laughter. It's a guy, woman!! Does he look like a girl!? Seriously does he? I think he looks alot like a guy! HIS CHEST IS FLAT, HE'S NOT A GIRL!!! But we DO need to do something about that hair of his...maaaaybe dye it black, and make it all messy, and cover his eyes. He would look hott like that. I like his outfit though...wierd...I LOVE CHOCOLATE TOO MELLO!!!!!
If he was real, i'd take away his chocolate and eat it ALL!!!!



Heeeeey guys...2day I passed out in my room. I was reading a book on my bed, and I got up, then black was all around me, and I felt so dizzy and lightheaded. Then I like fell to my knee's and I thought I saw little white stars (I waz hallucinating) I sorda blacked out for a minuite and when I got up, I had fallen a bit off my knee's...gosh it was scaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaary.........this happed once when I got my flu shot, it was terrible, I think this time it was even worse.
Heeeeeeeeey and did I mention i'm writing a stroy? It's called V-A-M-P-I-R-E Spells...Love? Hahahahahah I know it's a wierd title, but it's also kinda catchy. Alllllllllsoooo did I mention i've been writing to one of my favorite authors? (Is their a name for female authors? Like authoresses or something like that? I've always wondered that...) Her name is Gail Giles, and she wrote the book called Right Behind You. She's really nice and funny, you otta read that book peoples, itsa great book. READ IT!!!! Well that's all I can think of at the moment...this is so cool, it's like my own online diary, and all you peoples can read it. TELL PEOPLE ABOUT MY BLOG PLZ!!!! Thnx, catch ya l8er.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Watz Up!!??

Heya peeps, this is my first blog, so go easy on me if it name's Ethica, (Well that's my pen name)....I like anime, penguins, Twilight, chocolate, and all that good stuff...I have some really good friends, Aly, Zac, Meli, and Jared, and their all really loyal peoples, so loyal I might mention their names more than once, so if you don't like their names then change them, just don't make fun of them!!
Ummm.....weeeeeeeeeeeell I don't have much more to write, i'll probably have more tommorow, SO VISIT AGAIN!!!!!!! OR ILL GET YOU, I WILLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
............sorry..............too much chocolate................